Vinnie BoiVinnie Boi is an artist bred in the DM(V) area. He has so far completed three cohesive projects; My CD, The Commencement and Street Sampler which is located in Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, etc. He is just now beginning to chart his career and plans to make an impact not only in his area but throughout the industry.
His style possesses a great deal of lyrical substance over an interesting selection of instrumentals.
Vinnie Boi believes in his ability and the power of an organic following, which he strives to accomplish.  
Recording in Blueroom Production Studios he works hard to bring forward a professional sound. “Vinnie Boi is a true professional,” his engineer quotes before Vinnie heads into the booth.  
It seems as if Vinnie Boi wants his listeners to understand the time he put in to achieve a quality sound and that definitely reflects through the music.