Vinnie Boi

In DC, a city overshadowed by politics, Vinnie Boi is creating music that cuts through the noise and sheds light on the human experience. With his new single “Watch Me”, Vinnie elicits crafty lyrics over an instrumental composed of live drums fused with sonically charged melody. The single will be featured in the motion picture “My Brother’s Keeper” set to be released April 2019.

Vinnie’s works have also been featured on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Sound Cloud, and Datpiff. He is just getting started and is looking forward to learning more while making an impact within the Music Industry. As an artist in such a vast field, his lyrics display a hunger reminiscent to that of the Hip-Hop from the mid to late 90s, but with a sound that is progressive and relatable to now.


On a journey figuring out the next move, next sound, next lyric, he sees the possibility for his future. Using a retrospective approach, Vinnie maintains an optimism despite things he has faced in his past. He feels, “I know my past to not repeat it. But if I do, there was something I missed the first time. I’m learning how to receive the present for what it is, the present, while not becoming a prisoner of my future.”

Vinnie Boi is a new emerging artist that encompasses originality, creativity, lyrical content and an overall cohesiveness. His new single “Watch Me” is just the beginning. Look forward to experiencing life through his eyes as he plans to shake up the game.