Are We Merely A Reflection of Our Shadow❓🤔

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Have you ever wondered about your shadow? Not in the since of Peter Pan, but realistically, what would we be without a shadow?I’ve pondered this. I questioned, are we only shadows walking 🚶🏽throughout life until we are faced with ourselves or others perceptions of us, then, do we then become physical?

Then I thought a bit more and then wondered, what is a shadow?

Is a shadow a blank canvas awaiting us to begin to express who we truly are? If this is so, what will you make of your canvas 🎨?

For the first time in a while within this year, when I looked into the mirror, I saw myself.

Seeing this, or for better words paying attention to my reflection, I noticed that I am growing. Then I remembered a conversation my mother shared with me while in dialysis. She told me she see’s the man I’m becoming. Unbeknownst to me, she was legally blind. Or was she🤔?

I believe what she saw supersedes the physical. She saw the essence of who I was, a canvas, a canvas that was forming into a reflection of who I am now.

I think I know why Peter Pan didn’t want to loose his shadow… Without a shadow, who would we be❓❗❓❗

How would we know be able to know where we were physically?

I’m painting my canvas with hope, love ❤️, strong relationships, healthy decisions, and positive possibilities. It’s a colorful composition that I would not dare to keep to myself.

To the naked eye, a showdow is dark in contrast lacking a definite color, race, or creed. If we are truly different, please tell me, what do you see when you look 👀 at your shadow?

Me, I’m beginning to humbly embrace that I’m no bigger than the perception of my shadow. With that I am ready to overshadow any perception of who I am. 

With this, I challenge you to think 💭… What will you be without a shadow to reflect on who you truly are?

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