Even Eutopia Has Flaws

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What does Utopia mean to you?

My very first interaction with the concept of an Utopian society blew my mind. To me and to most Utopia is everything in absolute perfection.

So what is perfection?

Some practice to get as close to perfection as they can. Others could care less and don’t mind floating within the ever so changing World 🌎.

Me, I challenge myself and my inner circle everyday to get as close to the intangible possible. Within doing so, understanding that even when it becomes real, it still may be flawed.

Not flawed in the sense of chaos. But flawed in that even in perfection, nothing is perfect. So wth that said would you strive for perfection and get as close to Utopia as you can or settle?

Which do you choose❓❗️❓❗️

The believer in me hopes you chose perfection and Utopia.

I would like to challenge you to use what may seem imperfect in your life and let that catapult you to a Utopian mindset.

What is paradise for you? Know paradise and Utopia is not always viewed as a tropical 🌴 excursion.

You may already have in your grasp, what everyone is striving to accomplish. So remember, “Even Eutopia, Has Flaws”.

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