Expectations Vs Reality

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I expect every aspect of my life to be in tune with reality. Who’s reality? Mine.

We all go through life, challenging others expectations on our reality. Why not create a reality based on the things you expect out of life?

Take this morning for example, I was not expecting it to be seventy-five degrees, but the reality of the situation is, it was. I know you’re probably wondering how could I have possibly created a real life expectation based off of something out of my control?


What I should have done instead of being in a rush, and assuming since it rained last night, it should be cooler, I should have simply checked.

Checking would have not only gave me a bit of reality, it would have also allowed me to make a realistic plan on what to expect for the weather and the day.

The weather is the challenge we face everyday. The expectation is that the weather forms the day. The reality is I should have considered the weather, before planning my day.

In life we must do the same in order to make those expectations meet reality. Face everyday. Expect the challenge. And plan your reality. 

If you have any thoughts on expectations vs reality, comment and leave your reality. 

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