How Important Is A First Kiss πŸ˜˜β“β—οΈβ“β—οΈ

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Extremely. I believe a first kiss tells you a lot about a person. Tells you a persons comfort level.

Eyes closed to me, symbolizes trust and honesty. When eyes πŸ‘€ are open, a kiss could bring doubt and despair.

Do you remember your very first kiss? Was it innocent πŸ˜‡ and sincere? Did it make you feel like you were floating on clouds?

I remember my first kiss, and it brings up all those thoughts and feelings.

Kissing is almost like a passage into each other’s emotions. Channeling chemistry while concocting your unique formula between you and your partner. For that suspended moment in time nothing else matters but you, the other person, and the kiss.

Even after the first kiss, kissing becomes one of the key components in a relationship. You can tell if your partner is upset or has been missing you all day.

But what is it about a kiss that makes us feel this way?

Maybe it’s all tied within the emotional connection of our very first kiss? Maybe that first kiss holds the secret to unlocking more great and passionate kisses down the line?

If a first kiss could give you insight on finding your happily ever after, would you be game?

I believe a kiss tells you a lot about a person. And if something as passionate as a first kiss unlocks the gates to happily ever after, lol, sign me up. I’m a dreamer.

So my last question will be, How truly important is a first kiss πŸ˜˜β“β—οΈβ“β—οΈ

If you have some epic first kiss stories, please share. We would like to know.

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