If Beauty’s In The Eye 👁 👁 👁 Of The Beholder, How Do You Define Beauty Within Yourself❓❗️❓❗️

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When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? For me it’s been just a little over a week. 

Over that duration I wondered does everyone view them self the same, when we are not subjecting ourselves to a reflection? I wonder if without mirrors, would we view ourselves differently? 

I think so. 

I believe we all need that disconnect from our own judgements let alone anyone else’s. With that disconnect we can truly reflect on our inner self and learn to bring “that” person out. Learning to be a true reflection of what we see inside and out together makes us healthier.  

And who doesn’t want a good, healthy self image❓❗️❓❗️ 

Not in the sense of eating veggies, but in the sense of being comfortable in ones own skin. Honestly about a year ago, was the first time in a while that I recognized or felt like myself externally in over a period of ten years. 

That said, it’s not like I didn’t spend any time in the mirror, I did. I noticed I was paying more attention to my internal growth and allowing my physical to catch up. During this time I managed to not care what anyone thought of me, because I was already critical in myself. Critical with care and critical with compassion. 

I noticed I began making better choices for me. As I began growing into who I am, I noticed; I am growing into a better version of me everyday, my gradual transformation was and is oriented around my lifestyle, and I really like myself mirror or not. 

So even though I haven’t peered into a mirror, I am still ok with me. I know that when I check in with myself, there are going to be some things I want to work on. But without mirrors or their existence would we view ourselves differently❓❗️❓❗️ 

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