Is Time ⏳Of The Essence, Or Does It Not Exist❓❗️❓❗️

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How do you feel when you run out of time? Do you feel like all is lost or do you feel like if you only had a bit more time everything would fall into place. In reference to time do you feel you’re an optimist or pessimist? Or do you believe time doesn’t exist and we create our own time? Going forward I plan to challenge this concept of time and how we view it. For the sake of argument let’s not refer to time as such let’s call it Ohh, Ná Ná.

Since the beginning of Ohh, Ná Ná human kind has pondered the latter. But, why? Why do we spend our thoughts, allowing them to be suspended on something as trivial as Ohh, Ná Ná? All jokes aside does changing its name modify the complexity of the restraint we allow this concept to weigh down upon us?  

One thing that is true of Ohh, Ná Ná, it is indeed precious. Not only it itself, but how we spend it and what we spend it on is just as precious as it’s essence. So with that said, would you agree the Ohh, Ná Ná is not measured in how long we’re doing something rather than how long we’re doing something we don’t? 

I believe we are more attentive in these situations. If this is true, how do we manage or balanced the Ohh, Ná Ná lost vs the Ohh, Ná Ná we want to put towards our wants and desires? 

Eliminate Ohh, Ná Ná as a factor all together is my answer. 

What we do with Ohh, Ná Ná is completely up to us and any restraint we place on ourselves or allow to be placed upon us is a limitation.  

I believe over time we forget about our passions, dreams, and desires becoming content with settling. 

Why not go do the things you want? I personally believe it stems from fear and fear alone.

Just as we can change the name of time, we can’t change its meaning. We can stop waisting it and change fear into productivity. So with that said, do you believe that time doesn’t exist, or do you think we create our own Ohh, Ná Ná. 

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