Luck vs Opportunity

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Coming into 2K17 I have had the opportunity to reflect on my past and project into my future. 

While reflecting, I am reminded of a time when I met one of the founders of this Hip-Hop industry. Knowing I was going to have the opportunity to met this pioneer, I wrecked my brain for days about what question to ask…

First I thought about all the questions that this individual may have encountered. From that I was determined not to be cliche and ask for a record deal or start rapping on our first meeting. I was determined to make an impact.

Second, this person has had a major influence on so many careers, and I wanted to establish myself to be remembered for more than music.

So, the night before my meeting, I had it! I felt as if I had the perfect question that would not only allow me to stand out, but would also allow me to be remembered. Now the trick was how was I going to ask?!?!

As this person walked into the room, the crowd parted like the Red Sea did for Moses. With no security, their presence alone demanded respect and attention. The way he transformed a simple table top into an executive desk still sits on my brain.

As I approached I asked my long awaited question. “Who handles your personal finances and can you please direct me to the individual that handles them?” 

The response was timeless. “My f#€king finances?!?! You want to know who handles my f#€king finances?!?! Are you f#€king serious?!?!” There was then a brief silence. He looks up, looks at someone from his team then again says, “My f#€king finances…” He then looks back at me, then again a brief moment of silence. I swear you could’ve heard a pin drop. “My finances?”

In awe I stumbled over my response then said “Yes sir. Who handles your personal finances and can you please direct me to the individual that handles them?” 

He looks at me once more, then gave me the name and contact for the question I asked. We took a picture, then I went on my way. As I rushed to my truck, I immediately pulled out my mobile device and called the number given and followed his directions. Surprised at the fact that the information he gave was legit, I hung up the phone in amazement.

I knew at this point I had created an opportunity for my future success and had to continue my course in order to make use of what I had been gifted. 

Projecting into my future I am realizing we are given opportunities that some may perceive as luck. But what is luck? I believe luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. I am prepared. I’ll let everyone else play around with luck. 

Which of the two would you prefer, luck or opportunity?


  1. Kimberly Bates

    Opportunity of course luck would obviously take your key drive to success. I believe certain instances can be referenced to as “luck”: like finding a dollar on the ground, placing a bet and winning, but life goals and circumstances I could not accredit “luck” to. To each is own but I’d rather take full ownership of anything executed solely from self.

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