Six Degrees Of Separation

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed something… I’ve noticed that the ones we hold the closest, expect more of us than they would accept from someone who’s ideas and concepts were socially praised. Hypothetically speaking, if a celebrity were to say dirty water taste amazing versus me making same statement, I would be the one perceived as a lunatic. In a conversation earlier, an individual who shall remain nameless said, “ certain individuals deserve that level or the right to make such statements…” What do you think? 

Personally I believe we all have the uncanny ability to create or curate for better words, our reality and how we view things from a social aspect. As individuals we all have a particular taste palate that others may share, but at times the people that are the closest, are too close to appreciate such caviar concepts. So the question I would propose is how do you become confident enough to trust your melancholy taste buds and share a glass of “dirty water” with society? 

Trust your gut, is my answer. Cast your net wide and allow your thoughts to flow free. I believe we need more thinkers. We need more individuals who challenge not only themselves but also challenge the social norms. Individuals who like to quench their thirst with a glass of dirty water from time to time. And if some don’t want to sip from your cup, then there’s more for you. The trick is truly enjoy every sip irregardless of the misconceived notion of wether or not the water is truly dirty. 

Take in what you want and dispose of the unwanted. Just think at times most people tell you what can’t be done because one, it hasn’t yet been done, or two, they can’t see themselves doing it. So embrace those closest to you and value their expectations, but remember in the same vein only a few will want to sip with you. Drink responsibly… 

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