State of the Art: Substance of Today’s Music

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When you read or hear “state of the art”- what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Many people think best of the best, some think crème de la crème; others could care less.  If you asked me? All thoughts and any ambiguity in between apply. To take the time to conjure a thought based on the term, means we are ready to discuss the issue. If you are taking time to read this, I challenge you to re-think “State of the art”.

If you had a choice to choose from the finest qualities of any substance, why settle for mediocrity? If we could – lets apply this same concept to the state of the art in the DMV and a product from a music studio.

Why listen to “Joe Blow” if he has no substance, nor fine quality to elevate your previous music experience? Personally, as an artist in the DMV, whenever I meet potential fans, I like to make them my determining factor of substance and quality.

The current over saturation of artists mass producing similar quality of art, makes it difficult to gain new listeners.

Modern music has created a vacuum of non-conceptual art and the nose-dive of creativity by many artists’, the effect is a de-facto poorly challenged audience to expect more from studio recordings.

For example – when the question arises, what kind of music do you do? And I say Hip Hop, I notice a major shift in interest; as if Hip Hop is not arguably the most influential commercial art form of The 21st century?

Should we not expect more from such an influential art form? Or, have we succumbed  to the monotony of this sound?vinnie boi basement child

Think about it, honestly, what was the last (Hip Hop) song you purchased online versus a free online download? One of the last songs I bought was Logic’s “Under Pressure”.  A fan of the art, I chose this song, because it’s good and gives its listener a synopsis of Logic and his artistry.

In retrospect, I am the same guy that bought Shy Glizzy’s “Awesome,” because of the catchy chorus and its motivational factor; and really, who does not feel like they’re “Awesome”?

I know some readers are going to say there has been so much more new music in Hip Hop since then, and I agree. That said, the question remains, what was the last Hip Hop song or album you bought versus a free online download?

This element is vital to the state of the art.

Imagine a large genre of music no one buys into.

What  does this say about the quality and substance as a whole? What does this say bout the “state of the art”

– Vinnie Boi

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