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Have you ever experienced a time where it appeared like nothing you did went wrong, or a time when everything surrounding you just fit like a puzzle? I’m at a point where it feels like everything is “NSync” before Justin left… lol… Sorry but not so sorry, I’m a goof ball…

But really synchronicity is important to recognize when growing ones self in relation to others and their endeavors. Before now I found it rather difficult to get friends together to even share a coffee. It took time for everyone in my circle to find their place or the direction of their own journey let alone attempting to incorporate someone else in their day to day.

Now that we all have shared our goals and expectations in whole or in part, it seems as the universe has recognized this and has allowed us to grow apart so our visions can align through synchronicity. Everyone is doing their own thing, but some how it seems as if we all are facing the same challenges and overcoming the same obstacles. No matter how big or small, I believe noticing this prepares us for the next stage of success. It allows us to utilize each other’s energy to catapult us through any patch of negativity.

So, with this said, I challenge you to listen to those that you hold close and allow them to do the same. Don’t feel bad if you cannot physically be present for every single aspect of the journey. Embrace every encounter and cherish every milestone. The time apart is allowing you all to grow closer and preparing you for synchronicity. Hope you’re ready…

Vinnie Boi out.

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