To Pat Yourself On The Back, Or Not? That is the question.

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Accomplishments should be apart of our everyday interaction, for those of us that set goals at least. But once we accomplish a task, when is it ok to give yourself kudos?

Personally, I believe we should acknowledge every completed task big or small, for it gives us a certain state of divinity to persue more. But maybe for some reason accomplishing goals is so embedded in your subconscious, you don’t have time to celebrate every single thing you complete? In this case, is the accomplishment overshadowed by the fact that you are onto the next task?

Is that so bad, Not celebrating, or shouting from the rooftop to the world to see what you’ve done? If you don’t acknowledge this, who will?

I say acknowledge it, embrace it, and find some way to celebrate it. Big or small it’s all significant in the great scheme productivity. So continue to get goals and don’t forget to pat yourself in the back once to reach that place of completion.

What was the most recent thing that you’ve done that deserves acknowledgement. Please share it here and don’t forget to give yourself kudos! 

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