What Is Music 🎶 To You❓❗️❓❗️

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Music is life.

Music is love ❤️.

Music is sound, it’s rhythm, it’s nurturing like food for the soul.

It’s the pulse of the street.

Music is the pulse of the everyday commute.

Music is a necessity like the air we breathe.

The reason how we walk.

The dip and curve to how we talk.

The perfect compliment to a rough day, or a theme song when life is epic.

Music is expression.

Music is expressive.

It comforts, it soothes, while stimulating receptors to create more.

Music cuts through the noisy monotonous of silence.

It’s danceable, it’s romantical, it’s the spark that lights love’s candle.

It’s refreshing like a summer rain, and precious like dew drops on mornings terrain.

Music is.

Because it is, we are, you are, I am, music.

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