“With Pain, Comes Progress”

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Would you truly know how to progress without pain? With pain comes progress is more than just a mantra for me, it is indeed how I live and reflect upon my life. Over time everything painful that I have experienced has made me stronger.Stronger in the sense that if I had to experience the same pain again, it wouldn’t be the same.

For me tattoos are a form of artistic expression that reflects an individuals experience using the body as a canvas. Some want one just to have one, while others welcome the soothing pain of the ink work. This is a parallel for “With Pain, Comes Progress”.

My first tattoo came about from what was once a great deal of emotional pain. I was physical at a place where my heart wasn’t and needed a way to express what I was feeling. One of my friends was able to sketch a representation of my pain. I thought what better way to manifest the emotional and physical than to get a tattoo❓❗️❓❗️Sitting through the process allowed for me to release the emotional pain I had channeled to the image and progress.

Following my first tattoo I began to pay more attention to how I process pain. Pain as an emotion, an emotion that shows itself in physical form. Over time I’ve learned to go through such pain in order to progress from it.

This observation of self and my fascination with tattoos is not to serve as a clinical analysis nor coping mechanisms. These are just some of my thoughts in relation to the concept I have adapted to my life.

“With Pain, Comes Progress”.

What is it that helps you push through painful situations?

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